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About Me


About me:

My name is Diana Korte and I am a mobile DJ Entertainer.  I don’t consider myself, “just a DJ,” because I do more than, “just play music.”  I got my start in college radio, where I dreamed of being a big-time radio DJ star.

When I left college, I realized that, like acting, there are more unemployed “big-time radio DJ stars” than employed ones.  I opened my local newspaper to the want ads and my eyes immediately focused on something like this, “DJs wanted…FEMALES PREFERRED.”

When I interviewed for the job, I learned it was for a mobile DJ company.  I had never heard of mobile DJs, but was willing to give it a shot.  Once I was hired, I learned why “females preferred” was so large in the job ad.  I began my mobile DJ career playing music in military night clubs in the Washington DC area.

I honed my mobile skills at military bases such as Fort Myer, Fort Belvoir, Andrews Air Force Base, and the Washington Navy Yard.  Playing music for military service members helped me be a better DJ because with the armed forces, there are many people, from many different places, all in one room at one time.  You have to be able to play all types of music to make every person happy…but you have to know how to play it.  You can’t follow up a polka with “Baby Got Back!”

Working in military night clubs primed me to become the entertainer I am today.  I have played music in many places such as Speicher, Germany; Aberdeen, Washington; Cleveland, OH; St. Ignace, MI; and many locations in the Washington DC and SE Michigan areas.

About my work:

  • I believe any DJ can play music, but not all DJs can read a crowd and give them more than expected. I am skilled at “reading” what party-goers want to dance to.  I know there are “typical” songs that are played at almost every party, and I play those.  However, I LOVE playing something unexpected and enjoy seeing the reactions on the faces of the dancers when they hear it.
  • While I am great at reading a crowd, having a little help getting started is a plus. I encourage requests from guests because every party is different.  When guests help me out by telling me what they like, the party gets hoppin’ sooner rather than later.
  • I don’t like to just sit and play music. I enjoy interacting with guests by turning the music down for them to sing, and even getting on the dance floor to help out with line dances.
  • I meet with my clients about a month before the party to organize the event. I help with choosing special activities as well as timing of things happening at the party.

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